Do you know about Web 2.0 tools ? Have you mastered using them as a powerful learning strategy?  Kevin Jarrett is leading a 5-week eCourse (graduate credit available) that will have you exploring:

  • The latest Web 2.0 tools – what are they and what do they do?
  • How to use each tool – the nuts and bolts
  • Using Web 2.0 tools in the context of your classroom – and how to align each technique with state curriculum standards
  • The relationship between content, pedagogy, and technology and how that informs classroom practice

Not sure if this course is for you?

Have you ever wanted the opportunity to preview a course before registering for it?  Would you like the opportunity to talk with the eCourse instructor, ask a question about the course and/or participate in a sample activity (similar to what would occur during the actual course)?

Powerful Learning Practice will host a one hour free webinar led by Kevin Jarrett on October 25th from 8-9pm Eastern (NYC) Time.  *If you are in a different time zone please use the Time Zone Converter.  International participants please select USA-New York for the location.

During this one hour session, Kevin will have participants engage in a sample Web 2.0 classroom activity, discuss what it means to create a 21st Century Classroom with Web 2.0 Tools and answer questions along the way!

Registration for this webinar has closed.  To learn more about how to 21st Century-ize Your Curriculum please join us for the upcoming 5 week eCourse.


If you register between October 15-28 for the upcoming 21st Century-ize Your Curriculum eCourse, you’ll get $25 off when you enter 25off in the coupon code box:

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