By Mary Worrell

We had a wonderful PLPLive Event where several of the Australian PLP Teams from the International Cohort shared details about their projects. You can check out the archive here.

Welcome to the third day of our virtual learning showcase where Australian teams from the PLP International Cohort are getting the chance to present the projects they’ve spent the last few months developing. This week on the PLPNetwork blog, we are highlighting one or two teams and their projects daily, which includes interesting videos that we encourage you to watch. The teams have worked very hard over the last year and we are excited to see the results of the time and effort they invested in their projects. Please check back daily for updates on the Australian Virtual Learning Showcase.

Mooroopna Secondary College
The team at Mooroopna Secondary College culminated their PLP experience in a video about change. The team’s wiki page features a wealth of links to team members’ blogs and class projects – a great place to gather ideas. You’ll enjoy the great music in this video as well.

Toorak College
The team at Toorak took a fantasy approach to their video “Toorak College’s Adventures in Wonderland.” In detailing the team’s PLP experience one team member wrote:

“I can’t speak for everyone on the team, but for me the experience has been a positive one. I make a comment in our video where I say that I felt like an evangelist in our school prior to PLP, trying to convince others of the need for adoption of new ideas. That was a pretty difficult space to habitat. People have a tendancy to steer clear of evangelists; they represent a maniacal fervour that others find off putting. PLP gave a team of teachers a reason to be involved and a reason to change. From a team perspective, we had members who made huge gains and members who made smaller gains. The sheer fact that our school community has been exposed to and understands to some extent what Wikis and Nings are is monumental in my opinion. We’ve even had Ning discussed at a school assembly and our school publications have included articles that reference the new technologies that have been adopted in our school curriculum. We still have work to do but we are further than we were last year and there are more of us willing to explore what is possible. Pretty darn good outcome in my opinion.”

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Mary Worrell

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