By Mary Worrell

Welcome to the fourth day of our Australian Virtual Learning Showcase. Earlier this week we hosted a PLPLive event where visitors could speak with PLP’s Australian International Cohort teams and ask questions about the projects they’ve developed and started implementing over the last year. You can check out an archive of the session here.

Digital Citizenship
The team at St. Joseph’s College in Sydney worked over the last year to embed technology into its curriculum rather than use it as an add-on. The college also developed a digital citizenship program for its Year Seven boys, implementing Web 2.0 tools like RSS feeds on digital issues and written blog reflections to immerse the students in the curriculum. In their effort to educate students about Web 2.0 issues, the college’s PLP team members also learned a great deal saying, “Now we can better inform teachers about 21st century learning as an integrated approach to new pedagogies for multimodal learning and teaching, or work to develop intensively designed units of work that are driven by the transformative potential of the Web.”

“The integration of technology will only happen if a teacher decides that they are 100 percent willing to give it a go. Nobody can prescribe a technology integration plan that will work for all. It is important for each teacher to personally experience and evaluate the benefits of all of the technologies, plan how they it best fits and discover how it suits their own teaching styles,” said Anthony Rooskie, a science teacher at St. Joseph’s.”

You can read more about the team’s experiences implementing such a program at their school by checking out their presentation.

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Mary Worrell

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