By Dean Shareski

Working with the Tri-State PLP cohort I asked them to share the highlights of their learning thus far. Identity is certainly a major theme.

Helen writes;

The discussions of “digital citizenship” and creating digital footprints have impacted my way of thinking both personally and professionally. After reading the posts, I have made a concerted effort to be proactive in structuring the digital footprint I will have.

More importantly, I now see that guiding our students in structuring their footprint will do far more to assure their “internet safety” than adopting and enforcing restrictive AUPs will.

Helen’s comments¬† show that our typical views of “internet safety” are significantly different from what’s important for students to know.

Jen adds,

I’m thrilled with the idea that schools are looking at the idea of moving from acceptable use to responsible use- to promote a positive atmosphere rather than condemning students without giving them the opportunity to do the right thing.

Catherine continues the idea.

…the discussion about our “digital footprint”.I guess this is when I realized of how “isolated” my teaching had been. Yes, I have trained and helped others through their educational journey and many in acquiring their degree, but my voice had no record of all those steps that were taken. I did have a long history of being an advocate but not in the active sense where it was shared with others. I think in education, especially elementary, we tend not to publisize our knowledge or accomplishments. So far this PLP experience has opened up a different train of thinking for me, almost like a new journey.

One of the most satisfying parts about being involved in PLP is watching people change first hand. That includes myself. Inside our NING many discussions test our beliefs and values and we learn from and with each other. It’s amazing to me the level of trust that is built in such a short time. Not everyone is there yet but the potential for growth abounds.

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Dean Shareski

Dean Shareski is an author, educator, speaker and coach. He taught K-8 for 15 years as well as 8 years as Technology Coordinator in Canada. He has supported the PLP network at various times over the past decade. He also served supported Community Engagement and Principals for Discovery Education throughout North America. He has over 12 years of experience in online instructional design and teaching. Working, teaching, learning and living online gives Dean a unique perspective at this moment in time.
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