By: Clarence Fisher

A vital part of the PLP experience is the period of time where outside experts, what we call “experienced voices,” are brought into the cohort and bring with them fresh ideas and new perspectives.

In the Archdiocese of Philadelphia cohort, we have recently been enjoying conversations with three people: Tom Barrett, Barbara Barreda and Kathy Cassidy. These three experienced educators brought with them many ideas relevant to classrooms and schools moving themselves forward to meet the needs of their students. Just to focus on one of these people, Kathy Cassidy brought to our cohort many discussions on topics ranging from Glogster to Vocaroo and from Kerpoof to Animoto. As you can see, Kathy is a busy educator with her feet planted firmly in the classroom.

This is one of the great experiences of PLP. Working as a school. Learning as a community. Connecting with world class experts who are willing to share their classroom lives.

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