By Clarence Fisher

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia PLP cohort finishes up on April 23rd with our culminating celebration. This means that this time of year is crunch time. Teams are finalizing their planning and pulling together their plans for their project.

This is the time of year when groups both look back at the path they have traveled this year and make plans for the time to come. How will the work we have done be supported and sustained?

PLP is about the journey. As Sister Catherine Clark says:

“PLP has opened new doors for our team and our faculty. As a team we have learned much, supported one another, and enjoyed the elluminate sessions. For me I enjoy visiting blogs, etc. created by “experienced voices”.
The ideas that are seen at the “grassroots” give meaning to the “tools.” It is great to read work by “real children” and to read how teacher sites for students have grown overtime and are constantly evolving. I would recommend really exploring different parts of the ning daily because it changes all the time.”

Archdiocese technology director Nancy Caraminco adds:

“However, no matter how quickly world evolves and technology brings change, it seems as though time honored values such askindness, respect, care and concern for others remain at the top of the list of important things to do. These are the essence of well practiced Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety.”

This is the kind of learning that PLP supports. It is embedded. It is long term. It is bringing it all together.

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