The conversation between U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and PLP cohort leader Nancy Flanagan and others–happened.
Not everyone was happy with the outcome, but members of the Facebook page are hoping for another chance.
Nancy, who was not able to speak because of time constraints, outlined her “assigned topic” here, in a cleverly titled piece called, “Speed-dating with the Secretary of Education.”
“I’m not sure whether the Secretary “heard” what we said (the few of us who got to talk). But he heard the anger and the passion,” she wrote in an email today.
Since then, Duncan has made personal calls to two members of the group, Marsha Ratzel and Anthony Cody, to offer to stay in touch.
“What is clear is the power of social media to move the needle,” Nancy said.
The next goal is to get the Secretary on an Elluminate rather than the phone. “The antiquated call-in system they used was a huge part of the problem.”
To stay in touch and follow this, join the Facebook page, Teachers’ Letters to Obama.

To learn more about Nancy’s cohort for fall, the Global NBCT Cohort, go here.

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