Are you eager to see substantive change not only in your classroom but in classrooms everywhere ? Do national policies focused on testing, ranking, and sorting cause you to throw up your arms in frustration?

As we posted last week, NBCT teachers Nancy Flanagan and Anthony Cody decided they could wait no longer.  Owners and administrators of the Facebook page Teachers’ Letters to Obama, they have been sharing ideas, links, and examples of transformative practice with others who want to be heard. They held an initial discussion with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to discuss what they and many other teachers believe are better options for our students and schools.

Now, Powerful Learning Practice co-founder Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach has offered space for what Flanagan and Cody say is the next step for the group. Called Virtual Teach-in: Testing, Testing, Too Much Testing, the group will use PLP’s Elluminate room for an online gathering on June 14 from 5:30 to 7:30 Pacific time and 8:30-10:30 EST. The link to register is here, but the conversations will be archived for those who aren’t able to make it in.

Flanagan, who writes the blog Teacher in a Strange Land, knows the power of online communities.

Whether you consider that brave new 21st century representative journalism, or just more low-information blather squeezing the policy window, depends on where you stand–but the Obama Education Department ought to understand the power of virtual communities to organize and achieve political goals. It’s how they put their boss in office.

A Community Leader for PLP who will lead a virtual cohort this fall, Flanagan believes it will be those teacher voices that matter.

Who speaks for those teachers in the national conversation about fixing struggling schools? If their organizations aren’t doing the job, can they network to organize their own voices? Power to the teachers, right on.

Join this partnership, as Sheryl says,  of “like-minded individuals” who want to bring authentic, meaningful change to our schools.

And Nancy again:

It strikes me that authentic school reform–the kind that yields long-lasting, productive alterations in daily practice–never happens until a critical mass of key players shift their thinking.

PLP has been at the forefront of pushing for change in our schools and our teachers’ lives. We are excited to partner with this group and delighted to have Nancy lead a cohort this fall.

Join us!

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