Dont forget: tonight’s the night for the Virtual Teach-in: Testing, Testing, Too Much Testing! Our friends Nancy Flanagan and Anthony Cody at Facebook’s Teachers’ Letters to Obama will hold this Elluminate chat using one of PLP’s rooms tonight from 5:30 to 7:30 Pacific time and 8:30 to 10:30 Eastern time. Nancy is also a Community Leader for PLP and will lead a Global Cohort this fall.

Tonight’s participants will hear from three nationally-known education leaders: Monty Neill, Executive Director of Fairtest; Doug Christensen, who was the state Commissioner for Nebraska’s schools and who led the development of an assessment system that resisted mandates for standardized tests; and Yong Zhao, a professor of education at Michigan State University.

The discussion will be followed by several weeks of discussion on the FB page with teachers hoping to have an impact on national policies. Anthony writes on his blog:

The purpose will be to decide on the policies we want enacted by our legislators, and the actions we will take to push for this. We are clearly capable of writing letters, but we can also write editorials, testify, protest, make videos – whatever it will take to get our message across. The next big event will be a Teachers’ Roundtable Forum, on June 28th, where we will bring forward teachers to articulate the key policies we have decided must be enacted.

The room is limited tonight to 100 participants, but you may still be able to register here. If not, the conversation will be archived.

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