By Susan Carter Morgan
If you missed the conversation last night, organized by our friends Nancy Flanagan and Anthony Cody at Facebook’s Teachers’ Letters to Obama and hosted on PLP’s Elluminate chat, the archive is now posted.

Anthony sent this letter today to members of the FB group.

When you click on the link, you will go through a couple of screens and need to agree to download a bit of script (click OK). It’s a live recording–so you will be able to see the slides as they’re presented, hear the audio discussion, and read the text in the chat box. It’s a two-hour + session, and begins as moderators are introducing themselves.;

We have some fresh conversations underway on the TLO discussion forum, including one where you can post what YOU would like to say at our next big event — the Teacher Roundtable: Assessment Done Right, scheduled for Monday, June 28, 5:30 pm Pacific Time, 8:30 pm Eastern time.

Look forward to more from this partnership of like-minded people!

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