By Susan Carter Morgan
Anthony Cody, administrator for Teachers’ Letters to Obama (along with our own PLP Community Leader Nancy Flanagan) sent out this update for members of the website. As we are partnering with that organization, we wanted to reprint some of it here for your information:
We are determined to break through the facade that covers Race to the Top and the ESEA Blueprint. Teachers do NOT support these policies, and we must be heard now, before NCLB is renewed.
The Summer of Teacher Discontent is under way! We hit the ground running with a fantastic Teach-in last Monday. Yong Zhao, Monty Neill and Doug Christensen brought some much-needed clarity to the issues we face. You can hear the recorded session here.
The next event is explained here:
The energy is building for our first Teachers’ Round Table forum, coming up this Monday, June 28, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm Pacific Time, 8:30 to 10:30 pm Eastern time. We will hear from a powerful group of educators, sharing the hard-won wisdom of the classroom teacher. It will be sharp, focused and constructive. You can register here:
And there are even a couple of slots open for speakers, so if YOU want the be heard yourself, join the discussions here, and send me a note telling me of your interest.
Summer is here, and it is time to recharge, relax, and re-focus. But keep a bit of fire lit, so we can make sure our public schools do not go down the tubes. Join us in making sure our voices are heard.
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