By Susan Carter Morgan
We know we have great Community Leaders.

And we love it even more when the world knows it.

Brian Crosby, CL for the Bryan cohort and Experienced Voice for many others, has been chosen to present at TEDxDenverEd.Brian, an elementary teacher from Nevada, has been blogging here about his teaching for a long time. He has been asked to speak about the innovative ways he works with his students.

“I subtly point out that current education models and reform attempts are rooted in old ways, and I try to make the case for investing in REAL innovative approaches,” he said about the upcoming talk. His title is “Back to the Future?” and will stream live Monday, June 28.

Brian often makes the point that teachers’ voices aren’t heard enough, especially in discussions of educational policy. He is excited to be able to share a national stage to talk about the good work he does.

We are too.

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