By Susan Carter Morgan

Community building and developing teacher leaders matter to PLP. And once again, we were happy to provide a resource for teachers to have a voice.
Diane Ravitch, author and professor of education and Congresswoman Judy Chu spoke to a group of teachers gathered from Facebook’s Teachers’ Letters to Obama last night, focusing on getting teachers’ voices out in opposition to current educational policies. The Elluminate gathering, hosted by PLP’s room, was the third such event to gather grassroots support in fighting testing and school-closing practices.

PLP Community Leader Nancy Flanagan was a host and many PLP members joined the discussion, including Community Leader Lani Hall. Voices from around the country have met three times in PLP’s Elluminate room to share ideas and promote ways to organize. Last night’s discussion is archived here if you missed the live version.

Anthony Cody, one of the administrators for Teachers’ Letters, said this earlier this summer:

We are determined to break through the facade that covers Race to the Top and the ESEA Blueprint. Teachers do NOT support these policies, and we must be heard now, before NCLB is renewed.

Powerful Learning Practice shares with educators around the world the desire and hope that teachers will be heard in policy-making decisions.

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