By Nancy Flanagan

Did you ever let yourself dream about what schools would be like if all teachers were familiar with high and rigorous standards for professional teaching–or spent time every week gathering consistent and convincing evidence of student learning in their classrooms? What if all teachers developed the habit of daily reflection about their practice– and kept collaboration and continuous personal learning on the front burners? How can you inspire

Powerful Learning Practice is now forming its first National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) Global Cohort, a rich opportunity for NBCTs and those interested in National Board Certification as a teacher quality initiative to meet, learn together and generate new programs, materials and ideas, using the tools and lenses of National Board Certification. We see the NBCT Global cohort as one answer to the proverbial question:

Now that I’m an NBCT, what’s next?

We envision the experience as a collective “deep dive” into the standards and  protocols that make up the National Board experience, as well as the issues surrounding the concept of professional standards and evaluating teaching. The journey will include work with the big ideas  and tools of 21st century learning and examining our ideas about teacher leadership. There will be guest speakers, provocative case studies, video clips, research (including conflicting research) and opinion. We will be digging deeper into our assumptions about the National Board process and how it changes practice.

Each  small group or team will create a useful product or program, sharing their development process with the greater global cohort as they fine-tune ideas and materials. Here are some of the ideas generated by NBCTs who attended information sessions:

  • Developing a candidate support program that can be delivered entirely on-line–PPTs, handouts, discussion thread protocols–using a virtual meeting platform.
  • Creating a statewide teacher leadership organization using social media tools.
  • Building a set of professional development workshops using National Board standards.
  • Designing a “reflection” module for pre-service teachers.
  • Using the Five Core Propositions to develop a districtwide teacher evaluation model that works for all K-12 subjects and disciplines
  • Establishing an on-line policy academy for NBCTs who want to use their expertise to influence decision-making at the state level.
  • Creating a workshop for NBCTs who want to blog.

You can sign up for an information session here.

Or you can ask for your own small informational conversation in one of PLP’s Elluminate virtual meeting rooms. Use the contact form on the left. Join us!

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