We are so excited to welcome to our team, Kevin Honeycutt, an experienced teacher, artist, and tech integration specialist.

Kevin will work with Sheryl as the Year Two Leader, guiding teachers through the process of defining and crafting their work.

Kevin writes about himself:¬†I grew up in poverty and my family moved a lot, always staying a step ahead of the ramifications of my father’s behavior. As I witnessed education around the country I collected powerful experiences that still influence my conversations and my work with educators.

He is also a school board member in Kansas, currently serving his second term. Focusing on helping teachers and learners become comfortable with technology, Kevin has developed programs in film, project-based learning, online safety and anti-bullying, as well as working with at-risk children.

Kevin brings his personal life experience and a sense of humor to the mission of helping prepare 21st century learners.

Welcome to the PLP team, Kevin. We are so happy to have you with us.

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