How can we “do school” differently? Lyn HIlt, principal of of Brecknock Elementary School, located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and a member of IU13 cohort, shares her shift in thinking in this post on Connected Principals.

Lyn pulls us into her thoughts with specific examples–like the Wall Wisher of her teachers’ “sentences” … or like this:

Our day began at 8 AM. We met briefly in the library for a 5-minute, “go and have fun today!” speech from me. That was it. I saw a lot of smiles. I saw an almost-equal amount of incredulous looks. (She’s lost her mind, does she think we’re actually going to¬†work today?!) I told the team I’d be camped out in the library if anyone needed me or wanted to collaborate with me.

Her teachers’ candid thoughts on the journey they are on and Lyn’s own transparency help us see the possibilities. Wouldn’t you love to teach in her school?

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