Well, not really a theater. But PLP is proud to announce our Pecha Kucha Smackdown!

Thanks to the overwhelming success of Powerful Learning Practice’s Pecha Kucha Night, we’ve decided to make this a regular event, open to the public, and pit Learning Community teams against one another in epicĀ Pecha Kucha Smackdowns.

Pecha Kucha is a new global presentation phenomenon that originated in Japan sometime during 2003. At the Pecha Kucha Smackdowns, each team of five will pick an overarching theme upon which to present. But this isn’t your grandma’s PowerPoint slideshow. Each of the five team members will give a presentation connected to the team’s theme using 20 slides with 20 seconds per slide making a presentation of a little less than seven minutes for each team member. The time limit is strict – we will be using a stop watch! Teams may choose any theme they like – it could be a presentation on something they are learning about or doing in school. Two teams will be selected to compete against one another in a Smackdown night.

These sessions will be open to the public and will be archived.

Watch this space for times and dates. Get ready to rumble!!

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