Ok, so this wasn’t our idea. But we’re still excited and proud that attendees of The 2011 Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference (PETE&C) will have the opportunity to play “I Love Trees,” an Alternate Reality Game designed and managed by Harrisburg University of Science & Technology faculty. ¬†And it’s based on Powerful Learning Practice principles.Harrisburg University faculty members and PETE & C folks designed a game that would use information about Powerful Learning Practice, allowing people to learn to play and have fun. The game is being tweeted by Super Wiggins, who hands out codes as participants move through the game, trying to discover what PLP is all about.

We didn’t create the game, but we are honored that our IU13 community and Janet Dubble helped make this a reality for all 2000 Pete&C attendees. And as for why? Here’s what Harrisburg U and Pete&C say:

By playing the game, you will learn about Powerful Learning Practices (PLP), alternate reality games, evidences for change in education, teaching practices that take advantage of new tolls, technologies that are enabling change and how to make connections to impact professional learning.

Go join the fun!

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