We are often so busy “doing,” we don’t have time to celebrate what we do. Between writing books, leading communities, and giving keynotes, we’ve been covering the world.

Brian Crosty: Brian is running the TEDx circuit these days, and here’s his most recent from TEDxNYED:


Will Richardson: Will has a new book coming out soon: Personal Learning Networks. And he has another in the works, based on his blog and reflections: Learning on the Blog, Guideposts for Education Reform.

We also previously shared Will’s TEDx talk, but in case you missed it, here it is again!

Sheryl Nussbaum Beach: Sheryl’s been busy, as usual, keynoting at state and national conferences as well as initiating the newest Australian community with Will. She will also be keynoting with Alec Couros this month in Red Deer, Ontario. She also wrote a well-received article for ASCD entitled: A Futuristic Vision for 21st Century Education. She and Lani Ritter Hall have written a book, which is in revisions. And Sheryl’s interview on passion-based learning has been accepted by Ed Week Teacher.

Alec Couros: Alec’s list takes up a page, so see his previous presentations here! He will also be keynoting this month at Carleton University and at a local middle years conference, which he will share with his brother George Couros. And here are some upcoming events:
Keynoting the Digital Learning Spring Conference (April 17-19) in Vancouver, Keynoting & Facilitating (with Sheryl) the CARC Technology Conference (April 20-21) in Red Deer, and Keynoting ASET Conference (May 13) in Niagara Falls. He has also been invited to be a panelist at InPlay Conference (May 17-18) in Toronto

Dean Shareski: He will be keynoting at the IT Summit . Also He is also presenting at iNPlay 2011 in Toronto. And he will also be working for Sean Nash in St. Joseph School District.

We’re proud of our team, the work they do in communities, as well as being the public face of educational change.


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