We talk a lot about community in Powerful Learning Practice. Through online discussions, skype calls, and face to face interactions, we learn and grow together. Often our collaborative journey makes us feel as if we are closer than we really are.
Amber Karnes, our marketing and design guru, created this map to help show where our current and prospective communities “live.” Take a look, and if you are interested in joining us, come to an information session to learn more. If you aren’t close enough to an existing cohort, come anyway and think about serving as the host school for your own community.
PLP experience was invaluable to me this past year. Having an overarching-hands-on focus to my professional work and a learning team to reflect with and help guide me was essential to mine and my students’ success. Project Based learning is embedded in my practice, and I felt certain action research would come as easily for me and my students. It did not. I’m still growing. However, being singularly focused at how best to engage my learners became more than a research question, it became a mantra. 

Cori Saas, High School English teacher, Mortlach School, Mortlach, SK

PLP Communities
El Paso
Maryland & DC
IU 13 Pennsylvania
ADVIS Pennsylvania
Archdiocese of Philadelphia
PLPConnectu Australia
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