PLP mascot imagePeriwinkle is the official mascot of Powerful Learning Practice (PLP).  Powerful Learning Practice offers a long-term, job-embedded professional development program that provides a unique opportunity for educators to work together collaboratively to understand 21st Century learning environments.  So why does PLP need a mascot? PLPeeps (educators and administrators who participate in our year long professional development plan) collaborate and connect with educators from across the world.  Although they discuss their action research plans and work together on new ideas, participants don’t often (if ever) get the chance to meet other PLPeeps in person.  This is where the idea of a mascot comes into play.

Periwinkle will provide PLPeeps and our at-large educator audience with the opportunity to virtually travel the globe to hear and see how Powerful Learning Practice is helping shift and change education.  During Periwinkle’s visits, PLPeeps will take him around their schools and city (while taking pictures) so we can see all the great things the PLP teams are doing.  These pictures will be uploaded to our Powerful Learning Practice Facebook page, posted to our twitter (@plpnetwork) account and given the #plpnetwork hashtag.

Periwinkle started his adventure at the FETC 2012 conference in Orlando, Florida.  From there, he traveled to Virginia to visit with PLPeep Patti Grayson as she prepared for her trip to EduCon 2.4 in Philadelphia, PA.  While at EduCon, Patti and Periwinkle meet up with other PLPeeps and PLP Community Leaders.  Below are just a few pictures of Periwinkle’s adventures over the past two weeks.  Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter (@plpnetwork) pages for more of Periwinkle’s adventures.

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Christen Dodd

Christen is a Connected Learning Specialist for PLP. After earning her MEd. in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Virginia, she began her career as a K-5 Computer Resource Teacher. She enjoyed collaborating with staff and creating technology lessons that engaged students, but caught “the bug” for presenting to educators on a national level. For eleven years, Christen trained educators both face-to-face and virtually with Verizon Thinkfinity. She also served as their Distance Learning Coordinator and Vice President of Professional Development. Christen has enjoyed working with Powerful Learning Practice since 2011 and continuing her work with educators, parents and students alike. Currently, she is also an instructional technology specialist at her children's JK-8 Catholic school.

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