Team Name: New Literacies

Team Members: John Thomas, Trish Dower, Matt Scott, Ray Brookman, Richard Lambert, Suzie Janssen, Kathryn Hamilton, Alyson Leete, Michelle Johnson

School: Winters Flat PS, Castlemaine PS, Pleasant Street Primary School, Berwick Primary School, Kalinda Primary School, Bendigo Senior Secondary College, Arthurs Creek PS, Streeton PS

Abstract: Our team began by discussing a range of new literacies including online research, wikis, texting, blogging and micro-blogging. We then narrowed our focus to one key new literacy – blogging. Posting on Facebook, on a micro-blogging platform like Twitter or on a personal blog is now so commonplace that it’s easy to forget how new blogging is and how rapidly it is growing. If our students aren’t already blogging, then they will be soon, so it is important for teachers, students and parents to better understand blogging – its pitfalls and its benefits. We set out to introduce our students to blogging and record our learning along the way.

Problem, Issue, or Possibility: Our driving question was, “In what ways does writing and communicating through blogging improve student learning and literacies?” To our students, some as young as six, we simplified this to questions like, “How has blogging improved your reading and writing?” and “What have you learned through blogging?”

Objectives and Assessment: Our objective was to introduce our students to blogging, to let them explore and to record their learning – and our own – along the way. Our assessment process was anecdotal and included input from our students both at the beginning and the end of our project.

Implementation Plan:

Evaluation and Results:

Artifacts and Documentation:

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