Powerful Learning Practice has expanded its staff and brought some fascinating new minds (and fresh ideas) to our team. We’d like to introduce our team to you, one by one, and so we’ve come up with seven questions for each of them so you can have a little peek into what they’re thinking and who they are.

Meet Brenda Sherry, Powerful Learning Practice Community Leader in the Canadian Community and a Connected Coach

Brenda Sherry

Brenda Sherry, PLP Community Leader and Connected Coach

Hello, I’m Brenda Sherry and I was born in Toronto, Ontario but have been living just west of there in a great city called Guelph for the past 20 years.  I have 2 sons aged 20 and 18 who are spreading their wings and attending University these days.  I love skiing, camping and travelling to mountains and oceans – especially if there is good food to be had! 🙂  I also enjoy reading, knitting and going to the theatre – often the small productions are my favourites because they can be so inventive.   In the classroom I’m passionate about finding that spark in each child that will lead them on their path to  becoming better learners and finding what they love!

What do you do here at Powerful Learning Practice?

I started out as a connected coach last year and this year I’m one of the co-leaders of the Canadian/New England Community.

What else are you up to professionally?

I’m a technology coach with Upper Grand District School Board, working with teachers and students K-12 in my district.  I also teach an Additional Qualifications course for teachers through Wilfred Laurier University about integrating technology in classrooms.    For the past 3 years I’ve loved chairing the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario’s Annual Conference and being involved with teacher professional learning through the Ontario Teacher’s Federation.

Desert island situation – you get to take five books. What are they?

The The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom – this book shaped me so much as a young adult

Night by Elie Wiesel

Schools Our Children Deserve by Alfie Kohn

The Children’s Machine by Seymour Papert

The Book of Negros by Lawrence Hill (in the US and Australia you may find this book titled Someone Knows My Name)

What is your favorite example of how online communities are powerful and transformative?

I love my f2f relationships, but I’m really amazed at how networks like Twitter have led me to find learning communities like the PLP Network.  The opportunity to share and learn along with teachers from the US, Australia and other parts of Canada has really added diversity and richness to my learning life – I’m now a global learner!   Most recently I’ve joined a virtual reading group with educators that I’ve met through coaching and fellow students in e-courses with the PLP Network – pretty cool!

Where can people find you online?

Blog: http://bsherry.wordpress.com

Twitter: @brendasherry

Wiki: http://tech2learn.wikispaces.com

Website – http://brendasherry.com

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Christen Dodd

Christen is a Connected Learning Specialist for PLP. After earning her MEd. in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Virginia, she began her career as a K-5 Computer Resource Teacher. She enjoyed collaborating with staff and creating technology lessons that engaged students, but caught “the bug” for presenting to educators on a national level. For eleven years, Christen trained educators both face-to-face and virtually with Verizon Thinkfinity. She also served as their Distance Learning Coordinator and Vice President of Professional Development. Christen has enjoyed working with Powerful Learning Practice since 2011 and continuing her work with educators, parents and students alike. Currently, she is also an instructional technology specialist at her children's JK-8 Catholic school.

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