Twitter chat with #plpnetwork

Thanks to all who joined us for the first #PLPnetwork Twitter chat!

The first-ever #PLPnetwork was an incredible success, bringing together 162 PLPeeps to engage and discuss The Benefits of Engaging in Online Communities. Over 1,400 #plpnetwork tweets went out during the hour-long chat– that’s over 23 tweets per minute!

With so many tweets flying, it’s likely you missed something! A transcription of Sunday’s chat is now available in Google Docs. Also, Annette Thompson (@teacherannette) posted a list of all of the participants, if you want to be sure and follow everyone who participated.

So what did PLPeeps walk away with after the chat? Here are just a few responses we got:

Lesley Cioccarelli (@cioccas) Great to connect with so many people passionate about online communities. Love the “lurk then leap” quote!

Tami Readinger (@treadinger) 6th grade teacher from Reading, PA. Off the top of my head – coolest take away was the reminder about Twitterfall. Will be sharing the archive with my colleagues during PD session tomorrow.

Michele Shenk (@mdanielshenk) Lurk and then leap philosophy

Jennifer Bloomingdale (@bloomingedu) PLP is a safe place to take a leap! Looking forward to making more connections in online communities.

Debra Finger (@teacherdebra) Finding new people to connect, share and learn with is my big take away from this #plpnetwork chat.

Annette Thompson (@teacherannette) My favorite comment was when @bcrosby said”F2F is as vital (as online professional relationships). Online is not a replacement, but an enhancement and a leverage on it. Both necessary.

Special thanks to everyone who participated and to Becky Bair (@Becky7274), who led the busy discussion like a pro. Several peeps walked away with fantastic prizes! Beth Reukberg and Meagan Stephens won History Channel DVDs, Beth Ellen won a copy of The Connected Educator by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Lani Ritter Hall and Ms. Solomon won a free PLP eCourse!

We’ll plan another chat soon and look forward to even more participation!

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