PLPeeps blasted the Twittersphere with a who’s who of top edcuation blogs and online thought leaders in education on April 29. PLP’s second twitter chat discussed, “With everything that’s out there, who are your “go-tos” – the thinkers you want to learn from, the people who live in your world who make you laugh while showing you new ideas, the ones who always give you something you can use the next day.”

Tweets went flying and while this list isn’t comprehensive, we’re sharing some of the links that flashed across TweetdeckHootsuite, and Twitterfall as we monitored the #plpnetwork chat! Here are some of your favorite resources, a list created by the participation and collaboration of the PLP community.

  1. Buffy Hamilton – The Unquiet Librarian
  2. Joyce Valenza – NeverEndingSearch
  3. Voices from the Learning Revolution
  4. Howard Rheingold – Net Smart
  5. Wesley Fryer – Moving at the Speed of Creativity
  6. Lucy Gray – Lucy Gray Consulting
  7. Chris Lehmann – Practical Theory
  8. Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach – 21st Century Collaborative
  9. George Couros – The Principal of Change
  10. Ryan Bretag – Metanoia: Shifting Thoughts on Leading, Learning, and Teaching
  11. Lyn Hilt – The Principal’s Posts
  12. Edna Sackson – What Ed Said
  13. Terie Engelbrecht – Crazy Teaching
  14. Nicholas Provenzano – The Nerdy Teacher
  15. Franke James – My Green Conscience
  16. Eric Sheninger
  17. Kathy Cassidy – Blogmeister
  18. Lisa Nielsen – The Innovative Educator
  19. Teach Paperless
  20. Will Richardson
  21. Claudia L’Amoreaux
  22. Jackie Gernstein – User Generated Education
  23. Marsha Ratzel – Reflections of a Techie
  24. Kathy Schrock
  25.  Getting Smart

Is this what your top educational thought leaders list would look like?

Did we miss one of your go-to thinkers? Tell us in the comments! Of course, if you participated in the chat, you know this is just a short list. Thanks to all who shared your tips and ideas and special thanks to Lisa Noble (@nobleknits2) for leading the lively discussion!

We also gave out some prizes! Congratulations to our winners: @JudyArzt, @kitchenerd, @vttechteacher, @kjarrett and @Nh1st0ryLIB!

Still not sure what all this Twitter chatting is about? Check out our blog post on How to Get the Most Out of Participating in a Twitter Chat.  Then you’ll be all prepared for next time! We’ll set up more chats in the future, and you’ll be first to hear about it if you sign up for PLP e-mails!

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