Team Name: Mac Daddies

Team members: Anita Hackett, Michelle Delamott, Armando Loera, Jesus Morales, Kerry Pounds, Sherry Sutton, Sarah Riley, Ashton Graham

School: Bond Elementary, Herrera Elementary, White Elementary,

Abstract: To promote digital storytelling and Atomic Learning to teachers, staff, parents, and students in the El Paso Independent School District. This will be accomplished through a short, entertaining and informative video highlighting the use of technology tools in the everyday classroom, especially the equipment provided by the T3 Grant.

Problem, Issue, or Possibility: Initially, the assessment portion of this project caused confusion within our group. While we had access to communication tools to build a Professional Learning Network among ourselves, we found that meeting face to face was more valuable. The groupings that were formed seemed to take into consideration school proximity which was appreciated.

Objectives and Assessment: The MacDaddies hope to have their video distributed throughout the district to all elementary teachers. Assessment will be measured through the amount of times the equipment is checked out, and campus products produced. We are also looking for an increase in teacher interest in digital story-telling training.

Implementation Plan: Summer 2011 – Met off campus to discuss our project, brainstorm, and assign responsibilities.

Fall 2011 – We communicated through email, google doc, and periodic face-to-face meetings.
November 2011 – Met two afternoons to tape, edit, and review our project.
December 06, 2011 – Met to review final draft and discuss the final presentation.
Evaluation and Results: The team worked hard and accomplished its goal. Project was finished on December 6th.

Artifacts and Documentation:

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