Team Name: The Olympian Gods

Team members: Sherita Martin (PLP Fellow), Rebecca Altieri (Dowell 3rd Grade), Jessica Flores (Whitaker Pre-K), Veronica Lujan (Bradley 5th Grade), Rosa Quintela (Crosby Librarian), Sandy Romo (Crosby Kingergarten), JoAnn Santana (Schuster 2nd Grade), Beatriz Suffle (Schuster 2nd Grade), Jacob Zarate (Whitaker Kindergarten)

Abstract: We decided to combine the use of technology with the concept of “reading” a novel in a day. A class is broken into groups and each group was assigned a chapter to read from the novel, Matilda. They were also assigned a literary element to focus on and together developed a plan of how to develop their project using technology. Each of our team members was assigned a chapter to focus on and guided our students to develop the pieces that were later put together to retell the entire story in a website and video. The final project consists of all student created products (ranging from grades Pre-K to 5th) in a website.

Problem, Issue, or Possibility: Our group’s goal was to give students an opportunity to use technology effectively to create a project. Through the use of the Apple Laptops, iMovie, powerpoint, scanners, and flip cameras, students learned to use the technology in a way that would best project what they wanted to say about their chapter. By doing A Novel in a Day, students from grades Pre-K to 5th analyzed and retold what happened in their assigned chapters.

Objectives and Assessment: The objectives were different depending on each of our grade levels. The overall goal for everyone in our team was to have our students apply what they learned in a fun way using technology. We all wanted to have independent thinkers and independent workers in our classroom. Our assessment was our students being able to use technology independently to complete their project.

Implementation Plan:

3/23/11- Agreed on project; assigned chapters from Matilda and focus for the chapter
4/13/11- Met with Lesson plan layouts and discussed any concerns
5/19/11- Met to share individual products
6/23/11- Put all student work in a slideshow
10/19/11- Started the weebly website
10/27/11- Met to make sure all videos were on the website
11/3/11- Worked on teaser
11/9/11- Worked on presentation pamphlet
11/16/11- Started presentation displays
11/23/11- Finish up presentation displays
11/30/11- Discussed last minute details for presentation day.

Evaluation and Results: Our final project is complete. We are just working on the final details for the presentation. We have learned so much through this project, but the main thing that we’re going to take away from this is that our students have the potential to succeed in using technology to do an extraordinary project. They are just waiting for the opportunity to be given to them. It might have taken a lot of class time at the beginning, but once the students know how to operate the equipment on their own, not only will it go a lot smoother, but they will be very engaged and productive. They will be learning and having fun at the same time.

Artifacts and Documentation: Meeting Notes

The project is called “Novel in a Day”. The Olympian Gods took apart the novel Matilda by Roald Dahl. Each of them took a chapter and a literary element to focus with their class. We, the students, used technology to retell what happened in our chapter.

Project Website

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