Team Name: Bratz

Team members: Naomi Delgado, Anna Gamboa, Adria Menchaca, Guillermo Ramirez, Summer Steele, Heather Rodriguez, Angelica Torres, Karen Wright-Balbier Fellow

School: Bliss Elementary, Burnet Elementary, Logan Elementary, Park Elementary

Abstract: To increase students’ acquisition of science vocabulary, we will be creating videos of students acting out vocabulary words. We will use the gradual release of responsibility model. By project’s end, students will be able create their own science vocabulary videos. Finally, we will create a website containing the resulting videos.

Problem, Issue, or Possibility: Science Vocabulary Acquisition. Replacing paper-pencil science vocabulary lessons with digital storytelling Bratz teaser

Objectives and Assessment: Our group’s goal is to increase students’ understanding of science vocabulary by creating videos of students acting out science vocabulary words. Kinesthetic learning will be connected with academic learning, making it more meaningful. In addition, using video technology instead of a paper-pencil product will make vocabulary lessons relevant to the 21st century.

The resulting videos will be organized by TEKS (Texas Education Knowledge and Skills) on a web page for future reference.

Aimed Outcome 1: The videos and student understanding of science concepts will be the measure of success. By the end of the project, students will be able to create their own science vocabulary videos using Animoto.

Aimed Outcome 2: Web page of videos for teachers to use

Our project branched out into using the digital video and still cameras to document student investigations.

Implementation Plan:
September: Introduce project to students and begin recording. Teachers will direct and produce videos
October: Students begin to use cameras and participate in planning how to act out vocabulary words. Teacher produces videos.
November: Introduce students to Animoto. Teacher and students use Animoto to create videos. Construct video web page and begin embedding videos.
December: Students create their own videos. Complete web page.

Evaluation and Results: Our team did not achieve what we set out to do. The videos produced were made by the teacher. The challenges of teaching these past few years limits us as to what we can accomplish with this grant. The curriculum is so loaded, and our time is so limited; it makes these goals hard to accomplish! Many of our team members teach at “Spotlight” schools which means the school is under-performing. Being a Spotlight School means there are certain expectations that must be met in terms of student products. Instead of replacing paper and pencil products, many of us found we had to do double products, i.e. both an Interactive Student Notebook and a creating a digital video to help students commit science concepts to memory.

Artifacts and Documentation:

Digital Science

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