Team Name: Victorious Secret

Team members: Evelyn Aguilar-Springer, Monica Chavez, Catrina Green, Aubrey Salem, Isabel Alvarado, Monika Bustamante Thomas, Andy Quintana/PLP Fellow

Abstract: Our group recognized the opportunity to combine, critical thinking skills and digital storytelling to share literature. We felt that often times good books go uncovered because they are not shared. The best way to share a good book is to share the readers response to the literature they read.

Problem, Issue, or Possibility: Certainly there are a myriad of options when looking at the technological choices available for sharing a response to literature. With a variety of reading and skill levels of readers in grades PK-5 as well as a broad choice of genres to examine, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to sharing these responses. The problem than becomes how to you choose which tool best fits your every evolving classroom. We hope to offer a glimpse at many of the possibilities.

Objectives and Assessment: Our objective was to utilize age/grade appropriate tools with our students to allow them a forum to share their responses, increase student interaction and increase reading in the classroom. While traditional methods of assessment such as AR testing is available, something as simple as keeping reading logs of books read and looking for an increase in the number of book s read or the time in which students are completing their books. More importantly, are students reading the books their peers recommend. How are the interacting when they all have read the same story, is there an increase in the student’s ease of sharing given methods beyond the typical presentation?

Implementation Plan: Each group member looked at the sites, tools, programs available. Members selected the method that suited the needs and abilities of their students Members selected a whole group or individual approach to creating a product and/or sharing it. Work to guide students to share their responses and respond to their peers in ways that build respect and media literacy skills.

Evaluation and Results: Are the students excited to share? I think many of the products will speak for themselves. But as teachers we observed a new found enthusiasm to read, respond and share with each other. Many were working on their own time even weekends on projects that began to expand past reading and into other content areas, driven by the use of technology.

Artifacts and Documentation:

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