Team Name: Leo Bananas

Team members: Samantha LeBlanc, Gabriela Lozano. Isela Nunez, Alejandro Olvera, Rebecca Hernandez, Ezequiel Rios, Mary Fernandez, Isabel Miramontes, Claudia Jordan, Linda Johnson, Fellow: Pedro Delgado

School: Cooley, Hillside, McCarthur

Abstract: We will be creating and maintaining a Smartboard helpdesk to help teachers with the technology. The website will contain lesson plans and helpful links. It will also contain videos that will feature students explaining different parts of the hardware and software. Finally, a forum will be implemented to allow teachers to contribute questions and answers.

Problem, Issue, or Possibility: Our district has Smartboard technology available at every campus, but it is being underused.

Objectives and Assessment: Through the use of our helpdesk, we hope to encourage teachers to implement the Smartboard technology more often in their classrooms with innovative lessons. We will be assessing the effectiveness of our projects using a pre- and post-survey.

Implementation Plan:

Survey teacher at our campuses on how comfortable and how often they work in the Smartboard.

Freshen up SmartBoard capabilities
Begin recording and developing videos

Finish recording and edit videos
Upload videos and complete website

End of Spring Semester
Survey teachers again to determine effectiveness of helpdesk

Evaluation and Results: This project has helped us understand the obstacles that teachers face when trying to implement new technology in their classrooms. It has also helped us understand how the students themselves can play an important role in facilitating the introduction of such technology

Artifacts and Documentation: Our website:

Leo Banana Teaser

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