A new session of Connected Coaching with Lani Ritter Hall begins this January, and former eCourse participant Harry Niezen was kind enough to answer a few questions about his experience completing this course. Harry is an Instructional Technology Consultant for grades 9-12 from Kitchener, Ontario Canada.

What inspired you to take this course?

I was familiar with PLP: The year before, I had been involved with PLP as a member of a Year One team. I was also currently involved as a member of Year Two team. The description led me to believe that this course would be valuable within my role in our school district.

Have you taken other online course from PLP or was this your first?

I have only been involved with PLP as a member of the Year One and Year Two teams.

What was your favorite part of the course; a moment or lesson that really stuck with you?

The learning environment and the ‘teaching’ modelled the content.  Each week, the instructor was a continuous demonstration of the role that we were striving to become.

Would you recommend this eCourse to other friends/professionals looking to up their coaching game?

Absolutely … I already have.


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Many thanks to Harry Niezen for taking the time to share some details about his PLP eCourse experience! You can follow him on twitter @harryniezen
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