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To flip or not to flip?

Sunday, February 24th, at 8p.m. EDT (NY)

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The flipped classroom turns traditional teaching head over heels. Instead of lectures happening in the classroom and assignments being done at home, the opposite occurs. The goal is for students to own their learning, so deep, authentic, transformation can happen in a classroom. But…does it work? If you find the idea of flipping intriguing, or maybe even frightening, then you don’t want to miss this Twitter chat!

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Enter your email in the link above to register for the chat. Registering simply means you will get a handy email reminder one day before the chat, and it also enters you’re name in the drawing for some great prizes.


At chat-time, simply go to and login, then type #plpnetwork into the search box at the top. If you keep refreshing the search results, you will see the chat stream update. You can also use one of the monitoring tools we recommend below to join the chat.


How about prizes?

Come for the conversation, and the prizes are just a bonus! Registering for the chat means you’re automatically entered to win some fantastic prizes including:


*History Channel Documentary DVDs
*A printed copy of The Connected Teacher: Powering Up 
*A free seat in our upcoming session of Twitter 101 – a $90 value!



Tweet it out!

Click the tweet button above to share this #plpnetwork chat invite.You’ll be entered in our random drawing for a printed copy (not e-book) of the book The Connected Teacher: Powering Up, and we’ll announce the winner at the start of the Twitter Chat, and the other winners throughout the evening.


How Twitter chats work…

A Twitter chat is a lot like any other online chat, where people gather to talk about a specific issue. The great thing about a Twitter chat is it brings people together from all over world to a central area where they can interact in real time. To join a Twitter chat, you just need to know what hashtag is being used. A hashtag is simply a way to search topics on Twitter and is recognized as a word preceded by a “#,” such as #education or #plpnetwork.


Need some pointers?

Twitter in the classroomSign up here to get your free Twitter Handbook for Teachers, a 13-page guide to Twitter. This guide is for educators who are new to Twitter,or veterans to the social media platform who want to bring Twitter into their classrooms or grow their network. Grab yours here.

If you are new to chatting on Twitter, check out our post, How to get the most out of participating in a Twitter chat, for tips and ideas for joining us Sunday night!

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