Twitter in the classroomWe’d like to thank everyone for showing up and contributing to the #plpnetwork twitter chat last night. It was an enlightening discussion, not to mention a productive way to kill time while waiting for Downton Abbey to start.

Despite having the flu, our fearless leader Sheryl moderated the chat like like a pro, presenting thought-provoking questions and keeping the conversation flowing. Chat participants came together from across the globe to discuss PBL: Building a Common Understanding. 

Chat Stats

There were 42 contributors, 353 tweets, 97 retweets, and 107 @replies. That’s a lot of chatting!

Click here to read the complete chat transcripts.

If you’re new to Twitter Chats, here’s a quick rundown on how they work:

  1. The most important thing to remember is to use the or #plpnetwork hashtag in your posts.
  2. The chat begins with question Q1 and the #plpnetwork hashtags in the post.
    Participants answer with A1 and the #aisinetwork or #plpnetwork hashtags their response.
  3. To follow the chat, click on the #plpnetwork tag and it will display all the tweets using that tag.
  4. You can also go to and enter #plpnetwork in the search to follow tweets and control the speed.
  5. If you RT (retweet) a response you agree with, make sure it includes the #plpnetwork tag.

Prize Winners

Ah yes, the lucky winners. There were some fantastic prizes associated with this chat, including a seat in our next Project-Based Learning Immersion ecourse. In fact, if the PBL chat got you fired up, you should seriously consider checking out our course to help you dig deeper.

*Registering for a #plpnetwork twitter chat automatically enters you into the prize drawing, and it’s completely free.

Congrats to the following big winners:


What’s Next

We’ll see you Wednesday, January 30th at 9pm EST for the next #aisinetwork #plpnetwork chat: Collective Intelligence Building

Click here to read about the previous #aisinetwork & #plpnetwork chat on Action Research.


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