Dean Shareski and I got together and had a little chat about teaching and learning during a global pandemic.

Grab a cup of tea or coffee, and get comfy! Let’s consider what we can change to make this experience a time of learning and joy, rather than one of pressure and stress.

Topics discussed include:

  • Not business as usual but business as unusual.
  • Rushing to get it up and out the door but at what expense?
  • Personalized learning and equity- let’s face them head-on.
  • Superintendents and other leaders in general are trying really hard.
  • Let’s acknowledge the readiness of where people are right now.
  • It is a time of grace. We need to give grace to all involved.
  • There is value in unschooling during this time.
  • Let’s let kids chase their passion.
  • Equity and privilege.
  • No one is going to die if we do not do school for a couple months.
  • We need to honor the grieving process. Everyone grieves differently.
  • Your job now is teaching children and not subjects.
  • Math is not your priority right now. You are not a math teacher right now. You are another caring adult in their lives.
  • Let’s focus on equity. Let’s think about different homes and values during our everyone learns at home now.
  • Rise in child abuse because of added stress.
  • What if we had a “choose your own adventure” approach. Some choose remote learning, some not.
  • Let’s let kids gain an appreciation for the arts during this time. How about self expression using various mediums.
  • Teachers can give permission for this kind of learning to happen.
  • Feedback hats rather than assessment lens.
  • Equity problem will not be fixed during this time. But it will come to light. Acknowledge that the issues exist.
  • What are ways you can let your students know you care about them.
  • Kids need to know their is another adult in their life that cares about them.
  • Educational leaders can create legacy through data collection during this time.
  • Measure now what you want to change when we come back together.
  • How do we empower significant, positive change as a result of what we learn along the way?
  • Let’s collect data that shows– How does home life impact student learning?
  • How can educators make a contribution during a time like this?
  • It is the perfect time to look at how teachers are different and have different needs.
  • Expectations should vary because of our situations. We should want to make teachers comfortable.
  • Look at the whole teacher. Differentiation for teachers.
  • Community will help us get through this.
Dean Shareski is available to help your school or district think through what teaching and learning should look like during a global pandemic. You can contact Dean Shareski on Twitter or by emailing him at

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