With so many of us moving to online spaces it seems that there is an endless list of tech tools available that add to the overwhelm.

But…you don’t have to use them all! In fact, we’d urge you not to! Find the tools that best serve your needs and stick with them! How do you know which tools best meet your needs? Find some of our top things to consider below.

What to Consider When Selecting a Tool:

  1. Consider the goal for your lesson or unit and the following questions: 
    • What will students need to do to reach the goal? 
    • How will technology support them in reaching their goal? 
      • Will they use it to create something?
      • Will they use it to connect with others? 
      • Will they use it to consume information? 
      • Will they use it to curate information? 
  2. Before exploring the tools, brainstorm some specific things you are looking for in the tool. For example: 
    • Do you want them to be able to share with the public? Or be kept private? Or allow some access to specific people?  
    • Do you want a closed space for your class?
    • Ease of access
    • devices that can access the tool
    • Does it integrate with tools you’re already using? (i.e. Google Classroom) 
  3. Use a quick note catcher or check list for yourself that includes some of the specific things you are looking for. Consider including the following questions as well: 
    • Can students use it per the Acceptable Use Policy of your school and tool itself?
    • What will the learning curve be for myself and my students? 
    • How does this tool support my learning goals? 
  4. Explore tools that are specific to your goal that you established at Step 1.   
  5. As you explore, utilize your note catcher to stay focused on your overall goal and view each tool with a critical eye.
  6. Once you have explored a few tools, look back at your notes and determine which would best fit for you, your students and the goal.

What are some ways you select tools to support your curriculum? What are some of your go-to tools that you use? Let us know in comment below.

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Jennifer Bloomingdale

Jennifer Bloomingdale graduated from the College of St. Rose with a Bachelors in Childhood Education and a Masters in Educational Technology. She is a former classroom teacher who developed a passion for integrating technology and assisting others in doing so. Jennifer has been an eCourse facilitator at Powerful Learning Practice since 2012, where she developed and facilitated courses on using Google Apps for Education and integrating technology. Her work at PLP introduced her to the world of coaching, which has lead to her becoming a certified evocative coach and an instructional coach.

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