Norway to Lesotho: Our tech-enhanced, face-to-face, cross-cultural collaboration

Is it possible for primary and secondary students in two very different countries like Lesotho and Norway to collaborate using technology? What can we learn from each other and how would we even attempt to start such a project? Based on written applications, four high school students from Norway were chosen to accompany me to Lesotho and stay for 4 days. Our goal was to help a primary school with technology and teach the students how to use laptops to make presentations for a joint project with our school. It was an amazing experience!

What Do Students Want?

Recently a local news reporter called me and wanted information for an article she was writing. The proposition underlying her planned article was that “students teach teachers” these days, because they know more about technology and social media than the adults tasked to instruct them. Are we really so sure about that?