Sharing Real-World Projects Sharpens the Literacy Skills of Connected Students

When students are connected, all learning has the potential for being language intense and leveraged to build literacy skills, writes STEM coach Brian Crosby. Opportunities arise that motivate your students to interact at a high level and require them to be articulate to be understood. Add constructivist learning activities around STEM and Maker projects and watch the literacy skills grow.

Real Teacher Voice in the NG Science Standards!

Kansas science and math teacher Marsha Ratzel helped develop the New Generation Science Standards released this week. In this post at Voices from the Learning Revolution, she praises the development process, which fully involved classroom teachers, and says the results “are highly credible and will excite and energize our students and our profession.”

Going Deep: STEM in the Connected Classroom

Blending STEM with “connected classroom” strategies is a powerful learning model, says STEM teaching coach Brian Crosby – provided innovative thinking, teacher autonomy and flexible scheduling are present. These essential components of “going deep” with teaching and learning have been eroded away in the last decade, he says, and will have to be revived.