PBL Experts Are All Around Us!

Our arts education teachers quietly go about their work, often marginalized to the ‘extras’ or the ‘fluff’ of the school program, writes Canadian teacher educator Brenda Sherry. “And yet, I would argue that they are the PBL experts that we seek!” Sherry describes several attributes of student-centered pedagogy that are common among teachers of drama, music, painting, dance and artistic crafts.

How Do You Define Achievement?

In the discussion over learning styles and measuring achievements, it’s important to take into account what educators see first-hand in class. To get a sense of their perspective on the subjects, MindShift editor Tina Barseghian asked educators who are part of our Powerful Learning Practice “Voices from the Learning Revolution” group blog to weigh in on what they’ve observed in their classrooms. Here’s what they say.