Learning With Connected and Inspired Educators: Connected Educator Month Report

Here at PLP, we are all about Connected Learning Communities – which embody our three-pronged approach to professional development. This is what our Connected Learner Experience is all about – building networks, connecting educators to one another, and relearning what we think we know. It’s no surprise that we were involved and instrumental in Connected Educator Month during August of last year. This week, the USDOE released a report all about Connected Educator Month – including the goals, numbers, impact, and recommendations for going forward. We wanted to highlight a few things from the report and encourage you to download and read it yourself.

Online Learning Communities: Encouragement Connects Us

Technology opens the door, but it’s the support and encouragement we find in authentic learning communities that connects us. Commitment is hard. Giving up outdated but comfortable ways of doing our work is hard. We all need encouragement to stay on course. Many of us are finding that support online.