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Digital Citizenship

Instant Access, $25

Digital citizenship is about the norms of appropriate, responsible and ethical behavior with regard to technology. During this course, we’ll be exploring digital citizenship in the classroom, helping students understand the impacts of technology, and looking at examples of ethical, responsible, and safe technology usage.

Future-Proofing Students Living in Poverty

Instant Access, $25

Thanks to the McKinney-Vento Act, we have seen much improvement in our most socio-economically challenged students in helping them enroll in school and remain in school. What do we need to do to make sure they are successful? Is access and stability enough? What else needs to be considered as we work to improve the learning experiences for all students? What role does technology and connected learning offer in terms of positive impact for these children? This course explores strategies that can support both the academic development and the emotional development of children living in poverty.

Make & Take Lesson Plans

Instant Access, $29

Are you tired of teaching the same lessons? Do you have a desire to create lesson plans that utilize technology to support learning goals? In this Make and Take Lesson Plans course you’ll find inspiration and steps to do just that!

Google Docs for the Connected Classroom

Instant Access, $29

Collaboration is key in the 21st Century. By taking this course you’ll learn how-to use one of the most powerful tools for collaborating as a professional and within your classroom.

Google Slides for the Connected Classroom

Instant Access, $29

Google Slides is more than just a presentation tool. Discover the endless possibilities for how this tool can be used to engage, inform and collaborate with others!

Google Forms for the Connected Classroom

Instant Access, $29

Say goodbye to the days of collecting data with complex programs. Learn how-to use Google Forms to easily collect a variety of data. This course will cover how-to create engaging forms (for both educators and students), streamline data collection and get organized!

Google Sheets for the Connected Classroom

Instant Access, $29

Create and organize your data in the cloud. In this course you’ll see how easy it is integrate Google Sheets into the classroom and have your students become pros at collaborating.

Wikis for the Connected Classroom

Instant Access, $29

Engage your 21st century students with Wikis. Come learn how educators and students can create, collaborate and share content on the web using this user friendly software.

Twitter for the Connected Classroom

Instant Access, $29

Educators can transform their teaching and professional practices with Twitter. Take this course to learn about the intricacies of Twitter and best practices for using it as a professional, with students, and parents.

21st Century Learning through the 4 Cs

Instant Access, $29

Preparing students to succeed in the information age is imperative in the 21st century. By definition, 21st century education should be a blend of the three Rs (Core Subjects and 21st Century Themes) and the four Cs (critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity and innovation). This course will help educators improve and enhance 21st century teaching practices with Web 2.0 tools.

Connected from the Start

Instant Access, $49

In the last ten years society has changed dramatically with an explosion in the use of the Internet, digital devices and social media. The connections that are now possible in our classroom have the potential of transforming the way we teach.  We CAN teach digital citizenship, provide our students with an authentic audience and engage our learners at the same time as we meet our curricular standards.  We’ll look at the why and how of using tools such as blogs, Twitter and Skype to make this shift possible in your K-5 classroom. This course is based on the book Connected From the Start (which is included in your registration cost.

The Compassionate Male Educator

Instant Access, $14

Boys today are bombarded by conflicting messages about what it means to be a man.  Educators, especially male educators, have an opportunity to help boys develop a positive self image, one that avoids the toxicity of stereotypical masculinity.  However, in order to be a positive male role model in the classroom, male educators must first look internally.  They must move themselves further in the direction of compassion if they are to help those they teach to do the same.

Body Positive Yoga Home Practice Kit

Instant Access, $14

Do you want the transformative power of yoga in your life? Do you struggle to find time to practice at home? Maybe you get on the mat and just have no idea what to do? The Body Positive Yoga Home Practice Kit contains 5 videos to jumpstart your home yoga practice. These videos are accessible and suitable no matter your age, size, or fitness level.

The Connected Classroom Course Bundle

Do you want to use Web 2.0 tools in your classroom for student achievement, but aren’t sure how to get started? Maybe you’ve heard colleagues talk about the awesome power of collaboration through Google Apps, Wikis, and Twitter, but you’re not sure where to go? This bundle of 6 practical, step-by-step courses will get you up to speed, and using Web 2.0 tools in your teaching practice.

Purchased individually, these courses would cost almost $200. Buy them together for only $149!

You’ll get instant access to:

  • Google Docs 101
  • Google Slides 101
  • Google Sheets 101
  • Google Forms 101
  • Wikis 101
  • Twitter 101

The Well-Rounded Educator Course Bundle

From incorporating technology into the elementary classroom to combating poverty to stress management tools that anyone can use – the Well-Rounded Educator Course Bundle has a little something for everyone. Learn from seasoned educators from several different fields in this diverse offering.

Purchased individually, these courses would cost almost $200. Buy them together for only $149!

You’ll get instant access to:

  • Connected from the Start: Learning Globally in YOUR K-5 Classroom
  • Future-Proofing Students Living in Poverty
  • Digital Citizenship
  • The Compassionate Male Educator
  • Make & Take Lesson Plans
  • 21st Century Learning through the 4 Cs
  • Body Positive Yoga Home Practice Kit

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Lani is a fantastic teacher and role model. If you take this course from her, you would be learning from the best! She is able to meet all learners at whatever level of coaching experience they have had prior and is able to effectively balance challenge with encouragement. She is also excellent at building a strong sense of community … and able to bring even the most hesitant individuals out of their shells.

Dawn Imada Chan


“I was amazed! 5 stars”

Jennifer is very responsive to student needs – I am amazed at the sheer amount of work it must take for her to respond so thoughtfully to each participant’s posts. She always responds with a follow up question or idea that supports a continuing dialogue around the learning. In addition to her direct support of learning, she also organizes a very thorough library of support tutorials that one can return to at anytime, even after the course has ended. I have often gone back to the course space, even more than a year later, to access these video libraries. What I find most helpful is that each video is quite short and addresses a single task. Whatever the question, there’s usually a “how to” video somewhere in the library. If there isn’t, Jennifer will create one before the next class. Finally, when I’ve encountered problems that aren’t addressed in the library, a quick email to Jennifer directly always results in a timely response. I’m amazed at how much effort Jennifer puts into answering specific questions to support our learning and implementation of these tools in our classrooms.

Laurie R.


“The Way To Learn”

This course was a terrific learning experience. It’s 21st century adult learning that can powerfully impact and improve your skills. The best aspect of the course was the instructor – Jennifer. She is in the real world as a current practicing professional who understands what educators need for their professional development. Self-paced and exciting, this is the way to learn.

Tony Meinerding


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