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Digital Footprint
Our recent Virtual Academy on Digital Citizenship featured Robin Ellis, Alec Couros, and Clarence Fisher, who presented on variety of topics focused on Digital Citizenship for Classroom Teachers. You can catch the Elluminate conversation here and read more about it on Nancy Caramanico’s post, too.

The virtual sessions are offered regularly to PLP cohorts, and this one produced some great resources we want to share. Check out the one-liners Nancy shared from Robin’s session:

  • Digital Footprints are forever
  • Digital Footprints never disappear
  • Develop a clean digital footprint
  • Nothing posted online is ever truly private
  • Be the best self you can be everywhere – in person and online
  • It’s like posting a sign on your front lawn
  • Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should
  • Nancy has lots of links on her post as well.

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