Your votes are in, and we’ve got a new, adorable PLP mascot. The PLP Penguin!

This little guy will be chill’n with PLPeeps in every community. Be prepared for penguin sightings as he travels the world and shows up in posts on the PLP blog, Facebook and Twitter.¬†Who knows, he may even show up at your door!

Our playful penguin has a name, but we’re not ready to tell you everything just yet. Follow his adventures, and you’ll learn more about this new member of our PLP family!

He’s a cute lil guy, huh?

Here’s a hint for his public debut:

If you are attending the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario Conference October 20-22, follow @plpnetwork on Twitter and watch the hashtag #ecoopenguin for an alternate reality game and the chance to win an iPad!

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