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Our Powerful Learning Practice group blog — Voices from the Learning Revolution — has just published its 100th post! And every one of them was written by a PLP community member!

Voices from the Learning Revolution launched last March, with an introduction by PLP co-founder Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach:
We’ve titled this group blog “Voices from the Learning Revolution” not because our bloggers are necessarily revolutionary leaders — but because they are leaving behind outdated practices and mindsets and shifting toward the kind of connected, digitally infused teaching and learning that we know our 21st century students need.
The contributions from PLP community members have far surpassed our expectations — an incredible 100 thought-provoking posts by teacher, school and district leaders who’ve been willing to dig down deep and write about the hard work of making the shift to student-driven learning. Posts from Voices from the Learning Revolutions have been reprinted, cited and highlighted in places like Education Week, the Washington Post, San Francisco public TV’s Mind/Shift blog, the ASCD Inservice blog and Learning Forward.
“We’re just getting started!” said Sheryl. “We’re encouraging all of our PLPeeps to get involved reading, writing and commenting on Voices. In January, we plan to launch Powerful Learning Press with our first collection of Voices essays. And we anticipate many more collections to come.”
Also, if you’re a blogger, nominations for the 2011 EduBlog awards are now underway. If you like what you read at Voices from the Learning Revolution, consider nominating VFLR in the Best Group Blog category. Here’s how.
As PLP co-founder Will Richardson said so eloquently in a recent post we’ve republished in the Voices space:
It’s up to us — the educators who understand teaching’s place in the 21st century — to convince the public that educators can never be replaced by apps.
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