As editor and curator of PLP’s Voices from the Learning Revolution group blog, I’m a little reluctant to follow the popular annual tradition of announcing a “Top 10” — mostly because I’ve read every one of the 100+ articles we’ve posted since our March launch. Whatever the click counts, I know how much great content we have to share, written by a remarkable cross-section of creative and visionary educators.

Still, a colleague assures me that Top 10 lists are a good way for folks to sample the product and become regular readers. Reason enough. And I’m sure you won’t mind if I add a few extra.

Browse our Top 13, read what catches your fancy, then jump to this category page, where we’ve put together summaries of all our posts so far, with short descriptions. Think of it as mining for jewels — in a rich field!

A Baker’s Dozen:
VFLR’s 13 Most-Clicked Posts of 2011

1. Life in an Inquiry Driven, Technology Embedded, Connected Classroom: English (read)

2. Five Reasons Why Our Students Are Writing Blogs & Creating Portfolios (read)

3. Unconference: Revolutionary Professional Learning (read)

4. The Courage to Change (read)

5. Should We Shrink-Wrap Our School Libraries? (read)

6. All Principals Should Be Tech-Savvy (read)

7. This Summer I Won’t Be Learning How to Be a Better Teacher (read)

8. How Teacher Librarians Can Save the World and Maybe Their Jobs (read)

9.  Should Teachers ‘Friend’ Their Students? (read)

10.  The Nuts & Bolts of 21st Century Teaching (read)

11. Principal 2.0: Becoming the Lead Learner (read)

12. Life in an Inquiry Driven, Technology Embedded, Connected Classroom: Science (read)

13. Twitter for Teachers: Discover #hashtag PD! (read)

Several of these articles (and many others from our Voices collection) will appear in an new book — The Connected Teacher: Powering Up — during 2012. More details soon.


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John Norton

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