Hill Brown

Hill Brown 7th Grade History/English Teacher

PLP eCourses attract participants from across the globe to learn and grow with one another.  Over the next few weeks, we will feature interviews with current and past PLP eCourse participants.  We’ll ask participants to share information about themselves, why they chose PLP eCourses and what they are up to professionally.

Hill Brown is a past eCourse participant from Richmond, VA.  He is a 7th Grade History/English Teacher at St. Christopher’s School.

1.  Which PLP eCourse did you take?

21st Century-ize Your Curriculum eCourse

2.  Prior to taking your PLP eCourse, would you describe your knowledge on 21st century education as basic, intermediate or advanced?

I think I would have been somewhere in the intermediate range.

3.  What was your favorite thing about your PLP eCourse and/or instructor?

Kevin Jarrett did a terrific job of making all of us feel comfortable with asking questions, and he set a really positive tone for the eCourse.  I also enjoyed taking the course using Elluminate and really appreciated the time to experiment during those sessions.

4.  Have you ever participated in a flipped online course? Describe what you enjoyed about the flipped learning approach.

Not really.  The combination of a vast array of resources to consult outside of class and the exploratory weekly sessions had a real appeal.  Given the subject matter, this approach seemed to work particularly well.

5.  How did your PLP eCourse shift your 21st century teaching practices?

This school year, we launched a 1:1 program in our 7th grade.  I have found the eCourse was a great way to get geared up for that move.  Perhaps the tool I have used most has been GoogleDocs/Apps.  In English class, it has allowed for a wide range of editing/feedback opportunities (both teacher to student AND student to student).  In history class, I have used GoogleDocs in many ways as well.  The boys have gotten so comfortable using GoogleDocs, that many of them prefer them for certain tasks.  They have transformed collaborative project work as well in both English and History classes.

6.  Any other information you would like to share about yourself personally or professionally?

I also gained the confidence during the PLP eCourse to expand my PLN.  I have found myself consulting Twitter regularly (@cambo22), sharing occasionally, and learning all the while.

PLP loves expanding educators’ knowledge on 21st century education through eCourses and year long programs of study.

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