No words could be truer when American author, Dale Carnegie said, “people rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” At Powerful Learning Practice we not only believe in learning and reflecting deeply but having fun as well! That’s why we decided to have some fun and host a contest for participants of our year-long connected learner experience.  The winner of the contest was awarded an iPad3!


This past May our beloved PLP Mascot, Periwinkle the PLPenguin, got himself into a pickle. Peri somehow signed himself up for a boxing match with an ornery kangaroo named Joey. Since Peri is a pacifist and knows very little about sparring, he was in desperate need of help from our year-long participants.  By helping Peri last 6 rounds in the ring with Joey the Kangaroo, participants had the opportunity to win an iPad3.

The Rules:

1) Each team decided who would submit the completed task for each round.

2) Teams had to follow the guidelines provided and jab at their Action Research Project in an aggressive way (approaching their research in a different manner each round).

3) Every time a team lasted a round (and submitted their knockout material), they were entered into the iPad 3 drawing. Every knockout a team collected increased their odds of someone from their team winning the iPad 3.

5) At the end of all culminating events and the final 6th round, Powerful Learning Practice narrowed down the field of potential winners.  Using a random number generator tool a winning team was selected from all the knockout submissions.  A second random number was drawn to award the iPad 3 to a member from that team.

This year, the winner of Powerful Learning Practice’s Connected Learner contest is…..Al Fletcher

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  • Twenty-one team entries were received as part of the contest. 
  • Using a Random Generator, a number between 1 and 21 was selected.  Entry number 16, belonging to Wiliston Wildcats was selected as the team winner.


  • Using a second random generator tool, a second number was selected to award the iPad3 winner from this team.  Entry number 3, belonging to Al Fletcher, was randomly chosen as the grand prize winner of a new iPad3!


Congratulations Al Fletcher!!!


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Christen Dodd

Christen is a Connected Learning Specialist for PLP. After earning her MEd. in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Virginia, she began her career as a K-5 Computer Resource Teacher. She enjoyed collaborating with staff and creating technology lessons that engaged students, but caught “the bug” for presenting to educators on a national level. For eleven years, Christen trained educators both face-to-face and virtually with Verizon Thinkfinity. She also served as their Distance Learning Coordinator and Vice President of Professional Development. Christen has enjoyed working with Powerful Learning Practice since 2011 and continuing her work with educators, parents and students alike. Currently, she is also an instructional technology specialist at her children's JK-8 Catholic school.

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