Last week we wrapped up our Remote Learning Webinar Series, which consisted of three big topics: Planning, Getting Started, and Best Practices. One of the biggest things that we noticed is that everyone is at a different place when it comes to remote learning. 

States, districts, schools and professional learning providers all have their own unique plans and challenges. Which is exactly why a one size fits most program, course or service might not work and certainly is not the most efficient use of time for educators and those who lead them. For this reason:

Powerful Learning Practice (PLP) is launching Laser Coaching for Connect(ing) Educators! 

Laser Coaching for Connect(ing) Educators highly personalized Laser focused Coaching Sessions that quickly get to your most pressing need, concern, project, or new practice. In a nutshell, you collaborate with an experienced Connected Coach who will guide you through creating a clear action plan for moving forward step-by-step on your specific goals, challenge or initiative. 

Educators are being pulled in so many different directions right now, between managing work, managing home and ensuring everyone’s safe during this unprecedented time, it might feel like you’re constantly putting out fires.

The goal of these Laser Coaching sessions is to give you a clear path (easing some of the burden) and provide you with clear steps that feel manageable, safe and efficient to you!

Sessions are 50 minutes long, with several package options. Plus, after every coaching session there are follow-up touchpoints along the way.

Additionally, we realize for some of us, finances are being stretched right now. PLP has decided we will not turn anyone away because of finances during this time. Let’s talk. Tell us what you can afford and we will work with you. Just ask. 

Learn more and book your first session below. 

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Jennifer Bloomingdale

Jennifer Bloomingdale graduated from the College of St. Rose with a Bachelors in Childhood Education and a Masters in Educational Technology. She is a former classroom teacher who developed a passion for integrating technology and assisting others in doing so. Jennifer has been an eCourse facilitator at Powerful Learning Practice since 2012, where she developed and facilitated courses on using Google Apps for Education and integrating technology. Her work at PLP introduced her to the world of coaching, which has lead to her becoming a certified evocative coach and an instructional coach.

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