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We are all wondering what might school look like in the fall. Many articles, videos, guidelines, etc. have been shared, but we all know that it could be changed at a moments notice. Neil Rochelle lead a full session at the recent Powerful Learning Practice Make and Think Micro Conference with educators and leaders from around the world and more recently was our guest host at the June 23rd Coffee Chat, A New Way Forward: The Future of Schools. Be sure to watch the recording below and review the chat, many great ideas were shared!

Conversation centered around the following topics with resources shared.

  • Privacy issues using video conferencing
  • New curriculum released to teachers
  • Mental Health focusing on trauma informed
  • Meeting the needs of special education students
  • Potential teacher shortage
  • Engaging learners
  • Transporting students
  • Zones of Regulation (SEL)

What stage of planning for reopening is your school, district or organization at?

What are the greatest challenges for teachers, students and parents in preparing and/or starting school in the fall?

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April Chamberlain

April is a Content Expert and Connected Coach for Powerful Learning Practice. From a young age she knew she wanted to be a teacher. She taught elementary students for ten years before becoming the technology teacher for a 3-5 school servicing 1,000+ students. April became the District Technology Integration Specialist supporting all K-12 teachers in her district. After seven years, she had the opportunity to become the Technology and School Library Coordinator where she now works with both the technical and instructional teams to support learning. She is passionate about developing learning resources and opportunities to support all learners of different abilities.
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