A Real Lesson in Digital Citizenship

A Real Lesson in Digital Citizenship

All of us who advocate for the learning potential of mobile technologies continue to navigate the hurdles of opening up BYOD devices in the unique context of school. My students and I had an “a-ha” moment the other day, in terms of digital citizenship and how we really need to think before we post images to the Internet. Or maybe even before we take the picture.

How Twitter Made a Bad Week Better

Twitter’s power as a personal learning network made coming back to school after the winter break more tolerable for Lisa Noble and her Canadian elementary kids. The highlights included tweets from space, transmitted by astronaut and social media maven Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut who landed on the international space station just before Christmas. And then there was littleBits…

KONY 2012: What Is Just Too Much?

I talked with my students about the KONY campaign. We looked at the way the story was evolving minute-by-minute and read three newspaper articles together. What I did not do was show my students the original video. Most of my students accepted this, but a few Grade 7 boys really took me on. They felt that if their classmates lost a little sleep, it was nothing compared to what those children were experiencing.