Building Web Search Skills the Fun Way – with a Google a Day

Anytime I can find something that grabs kids’ attention by the collar and pulls them in, I’m ready to learn all about it. A Google a Day is one of those things. It’s a sweet puzzle site that improves searching (and discernment) skills by asking all sorts of questions and encouraging users to get better and better at finding answers.

My Students Put Their 21st Century Skills to the Test

This exciting and demanding opportunity for my students to serve as ejournalists at Canada’s National Rural Congress is the “exam” I’ve been preparing them for. I think this is the future of education: authentic tasks; embedded, mobile, BYOD technology. What students can memorize and spew back on a Biology or English final has no ability to tell me how they will perform in a high pressure situation like this. But I think they’re up for the task.

Transform Your Teaching One Lesson at a Time, says Jennifer Bloomingdale

In an interview about her new five-week PLP e-course, “Transformation, One Lesson at a Time,” teacher-consultant Jennifer Bloomingdale describes how she’ll work with fellow educators who are ready to bring 21st Century teaching ideas into their classroom. “To me, one lesson at a time is important because making any change in the classroom can be overwhelming,” says Jennifer. “I am a strong believer that taking little steps and being patient with yourself will eventually lead to the bigger changes you want to see.”